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  Allison Linville



President:  Stacy Porritt and Allison Linville
Vice President: Kate Mooney
Secretary: Becky Warwick
Treasurer: Clarice Collins

Faculty Representatives: 


Board Members: Brittney Marsh, Kelly Garmon, Allison Freitas, Shannon Powell, Tracey Alley, Erin Lachey, Amber Sexton, Brittany Warren, Hollie Reeder, Brandy Johnson
Mission Statement:
“The Level Cross Elementary PTO’s mission is to promote and encourage communication between parents, teachers, administration, and the community. Through this communication, we want to build a thriving educational environment for the students. Through the sponsorship and organization of fundraising and school events, the PTO will advocate the importance of strength for our positive community spirit. We will inspire our children's passion for education by creating a supportive community that promotes positive social and developmental experiences. ” 
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