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Elementary Battle of the Books

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Level Cross Elementary Battle of the Books

Elementary Battle of the Books

Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB) is a county-wide competition between teams from participating elementary schools.  The purpose of EBOB is to encourage reading by all students, improve reading skills, and to expose the students to wonderful literature from different genres and authors.  

We are getting ready for our seventh year of EBOB competition. For the 2018-2019 school year there will be 15 books in the contest. Our EBOB team will be open to fourth and fifth grade students who enjoy reading.  A test will be given on a book from the list for all fourth and fifth graders interested in qualifying for the EBOB team.  

After our team is selected we will begin meeting afterschool. At these meetings we will discuss and quiz each other on the books we have read so far.  We will be reading and re-reading the books to become “experts” on them, to help prepare ourselves for the competition.

The Randolph County Competition is normally held at RCC in the spring.  At the battle the students are asked knowledge-level questions about the books they have read and earn points for their team.  



If you would like to start reading and discussing the 2018-2019 list please click on the Canvas link below to join the discussion. 


 Canvas Discussion Board