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Jenga Orientation
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3D Project Proposal
3D Printer Project Proposal

Work with your group to fill out this proposal form for your project. You will need to make a copy of the form before starting. Please don't forget to share it with me. Thank you and good luck. 

3D Project
3D Project

Click here to build your project.

4th Grade Project
4th Grade Project

Internet Safety
Internet Safety

Since we live in a digital world we feel it is important that students know the importance of safe surfing and internet use. The links provided on this page will help you discuss Internet Safety with your child.

iKeepSafe - A site for parents to help teach their children how to stay safe online. This page is great for all ages.  

NetSmartz - NetSmartz is an Internet safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America that uses the latest technology to create high-impact educational activities for ... tech-savvy kids of any age group.

Cyber-Five - Hippo and Hedgehog help the Kindergarten - 2nd grade students understand how to stay safe online.

Online Modules - Discovery Education Online Modules.

Bad Guy Patrol - Interactive Game to learn how to stay safe online.

AT&T Safety Connection Game -Students will learn about safety and security while surfing the Web.


You can also visit the Randolph County Schools' District Web Page for more safety links.

3rd Grade Superhero Creator.  Comic Strip

2nd/3rd Grade Lesson - Click here for the hyperdoc, then make a copy of it.

4th/5th Graders Click here to access the spreadsheet. Then make a copy of it and share it with me.

4th Grade Lesson - Click here for the hyperdoc, then make a copy of it.

                             Post your Voki on this padlet.

5th Grade Lesson - Click here for the hyperdoc, then make a copy of it. 

Copyright Information
Copyright Website

Research Information
Hour of Code
Hour of Code

Ever wondered how computers work? Check out the Hour of Code by clicking the link below. Learn from some of the best programers how to write your very own program and become a coder!

Hour of Code



Book Request
Book Request

Help us purchase books for the media center. Fill out the survey and let us know what type of books you like to read. 

Book Request

Tynker Coding for Students

Google Earth Station