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School Improvemenet Team

Level Cross School Improvement Team meets twice a month, the 2nd & 4th Tuesday in the Media Center starting at 3:10.

Level Cross School Improvement Team Members:

Cindy Walker - Principal

Angela Harris - Assistant Principal

Shelly Harris - Lead Teacher

Gloria Cheek - Guidance Counselor

Selena Fleming- 2nd Grade Representative

Michelle Ford - 5th Grade Representative

Katie Husband- Kindergarten Representative

Holly Kratz - BEP Representative 

Katie Luther - Reading Representatvie

Angie Mitchell - Media Specialist

Stephanie Shigemoto - 4th Grade Representative

Georgia Sparks - 3rd Grade Representative

Heather Troyer - EC Representative

Kristin Werner - Assistant Representative

Lisa Young - 1st Grade Representative

Brandy Johnson - Parent Representative 


The meetings scheduled for the first semester are as follow:

August 28, 2018                                  Agenda          Minutes 

September 11, 2018                           Agenda           Minutes

September 25, 2018                           Agenda           Minutes

October 9, 2018                                 Agenda           Minutes

October 25, 2018                               Agenda           Minutes

November 13, 2018                            Agenda           Minutes

November 27, 2018                            Agenda           Minutes

December 11, 2018                            Agenda           Minutes